7 February 2021: The Ageing Patient

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Ovation of the Seas

Dates: 7 – 16 February 2021

Duration: 9 nights from Sydney

Destination: New Zealand

CPD Hours: 20

Suitable For: Nurses and allied health care

We’re living longer. Demand for Aged Care facilities is increasing. Hospitals are stretched to breaking point. Health care professionals must prepare for the future now and arm themselves with the knowledge and tools to care for the increasing ageing population. Our brand new 20-hour CPD conference ‘The Ageing Patient – Considerations for Health Care Professionals’ is ideal for nursing staff and allied health teams who work in rural or metropolitan hospitals, aged care facilities, and home and community care.

Plus, you can bring your family or friends – guests who are not participating in the workshop only pay the cruise fare component.

nurse and patient


Considerations for Health Care Professionals

This conference will provide you with up-to-date evidence-based practice and will focus on key topics of dementia care and challenging behaviours, managing wounds and clinical decision making for dressings, assessment and diagnosis as well as a focus on palliative care and consumer-directed care plans. All topics will be influenced by the aged care standards with reflections from the Royal Commission into Aged Care. So lets join together to show that we can excel as aged care experts!

For more information on each topic, please go to ‘Itinerary & CPD Sessions’ tab.

Event Highlights

  • Achieve 20 CPD hours
  • 9-night cruise from Sydney to New Zealand
  • Complimentary tote bag, lanyard, pen and notepad
  • Complimentary and exclusive cocktail party
  • Complimentary group photo
  • Complimentary farewell dinner (subject to availability)


Considerations for Health Care Professionals

Royal Caribbean International
Ovation of the Seas

9-Night Cruise & 20-hour CPD Course

Visiting Picton, Wellington, Dunedin, Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, Dusky Sound

7 – 16 February 2021


7 February 2021 | Sunday


Embarkation: Welcome Aboard!

Guest Welcome Reception and Conference Registration (click to expand)

Upon boarding the ship, meet your Cruise Seminars host and conference presenters at our Welcome Desk to register for the event. You’ll also receive a complimentary Cruise Seminars tote bag, lanyard, notepad and pen! Now settle in, explore the ship and enjoy our departure from Sydney as we set sail for spectacular New Zealand.

17:00 Ovation of the Seas departs Sydney

Casual meet ‘n’ mingle for all guests and their cruising companions

At sea

8 February 2021 | Monday

09:00 – 10:30 Conference (1 hr, 30 mins):

The Past, Present and Future of Aged Care (click to expand)

In this session we will review the current state of aged care taking into account the findings of the Royal Commission and how this impacts on practice change. We will review strategic planning models and how to utilise and implement these into every day practice.

Time For a Mindset Change (click to expand)

In this session we will focus on the brain and the functions of the brain that support memory and learning.

Clinical Governance…Why Do I Need To Worry About That? (click to expand)

Within this session we will delve into the principles of clinical governance and discuss the requirements under the Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare. We will discuss Australia’s response to the NSQHS standards and recommended clinical governance frameworks. Finally we will review culture in governance and how to implement strategies for change.

A complimentary brunch break is included in this session

10:40 – 11:50 Conference (1 hr, 10 mins):

Aged Care Standards - How To Apply Them In To Practice (click to expand)

In this session we will review the standards into aged care with the requirements under the National Quality Indicator Program. We will use case studies to highlight quality reviews and how to manage compliance.

Conflict Resolution (click to expand)

During this session we will focus on your own emotional intelligence with tips to support you when you are overwhelmed and how to react to feedback and complaints. Conflict resolution frameworks will be discussed. There will also be a focus on techniques for receiving feedback and how to manage the response.

11:50 – 12:50 – Lunch break

12:50 – 15:00 Conference (2 hrs, 10 mins):

Health Effects On The Aged Person (click to expand)

The epidemiology of common health conditions within Australia and internationally will be reviewed. A focus on risk factors will be discussed with interventions and preventative strategies will be delivered.

Urology / Infection control (click to expand)

In this session the renal and urinary system will be reviewed. The role of the indwelling and suprapubic catheter will be discussed. The importance of infection control principles will be examined and the gold standard of catheter care will be discussed. A practical session of safe catheterisation will be given.

Self-Directed Learning (2 hrs):

You will be provided with self-directed learning activities which may be completed in your own time during the cruise.

Each day a book will be provided for self reflection of the days’ work. This booklet is in line with the AHPRA CPD program and supports evidence required.

17:00 Exclusive cocktail reception, food and beverages provided with our compliments!

At sea

9 February 2021 | Tuesday

09:00 – 10:30 Conference (1 hr, 30 mins):

Anatomy Of The Brain and The Impacts On Dementia (click to expand)

This session reviews the anatomy and physiology of the brain. The functions of the brain and the physiology of brain changes with age and those living with Dementia.

Memories Are Made Of This (click to expand)

The physiology of memory and how it is stored through the ages will be presented in this session. A review of the impact of dementia on the brain and the person will also be discussed.

A complimentary brunch break is included in this session

10:40 – 12:00 Conference (1 hr, 20 mins):

Models of Assessing and Addressing Behaviour in Dementia (click to expand)

In this session models in practice will be provided. A review of the common behaviours will be highlighted with techniques to overcome these. Validated tools to assist will be provided.

Behaviours That Challenge (click to expand)

This session will look deeper into behaviour – what it is and why it happens. We will examine what is meant by the term ‘person-hood’ and a ‘positive approach to behaviour support’. We will also review strategies for care staff and ways to change mindsets to support those living with Dementia.

12:00 – 13:00 – Lunch break

13:00 – 15:00 Conference (2 hrs):

Dementia And Their Symptoms. Restraint - When Is It Relevant? (click to expand)

In this session the symptoms of Dementia will be outlined, including resistance to care, hallucinations, wandering, aggression, aphasias. We will explore alternatives to chemical and physical restraint including activities to promote well-being. A discussion of the latest technologies will also be highlighted.

Seeing the Person, Not the Disease (click to expand)

This session will provide a practical hands on work shop to support the care worker/clinician to avoiding injury and conflict from those living with Dementia.


10 February 2021 | Wednesday

Picton, New Zealand - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 20:00 (click to expand)

The seaside town of Picton is your base for exploring the beautiful scenery, pristine waters and wildlife of the Marlborough Sounds. A short drive brings you to sunny Blenheim, heart of Marlborough’s acclaimed wine region.

13 February 2021 | Saturday

Dusky Sound, New Zealand, New Zealand - Arrive 16:30 / Depart 18:00 (Cruising) (click to expand)

Part of New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park, Dusky Sound was long the site of Maori camps but few permanent settlements. Captain Cook spent five weeks exploring the dramatic coastline that edges the mountainous wilderness.

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand, New Zealand - Arrive 11:00 / Depart 12:00 (Cruising) (click to expand)

You can only experience the grand scenery and tranquillity of this magnificent fjord by boat. Doubtful Sound sustains an amazing array of wildlife. In the rainy season, its steep hills are covered with hundreds of waterfalls.

Milford Sound, New Zealand, New Zealand - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 09:00 (Cruising) (click to expand)

The Maori believed a divine mason carved Milford Sound. The fjord is a geological wonder of the ice age, where waterfalls cascade over sheer cliffs into the dark waters below and mountains dominated by Mitre Peak reach towards the sky.


11 February 2021 | Thursday

Wellington, New Zealand - Arrive 07:00 / Depart 15:00 (click to expand)

Wellington embraces its reputation as a cool ‘little’ capital. The city centre is compact but there’s no shortage of big-city culture. The charm extends to the surrounding green hillsides while countryside and rugged coast are within easy reach.


12 February 2021 | Friday

Dunedin, New Zealand - Arrive 09:00 / Depart 18:00 (click to expand)

Dunedin proudly celebrates its Scottish heritage but gold-rush fortunes are behind its grand Victorian and Edwardian architecture. From here you can also explore the Otago Peninsula, home to penguin colonies and scenic coastline.

At sea

14 February 2021 | Sunday

09:00 – 10:30 Conference (1 hr, 30 mins):

A Historical Look At Wound Management Through The Ages (click to expand)

This session will look at wound management through the ages, from 2000BC to now. We will also look to the future of wound care.

Chronic Wounds (click to expand)

In this session we will look at chronic wound management in residential aged care and community settings. We will discuss the burden of wounds and the difficulties in treatment for wounds in those who are aged.

Fundamentals Of Wound Management (click to expand)

This session will provide details of the fundamentals of wound management from diagnosing wounds, attending assessments to managing advance wounds.

A complimentary brunch break is included in this session

10:40 – 12:30 Conference (1 hr, 50 mins):

Prevention And Management Of Skin Tears (click to expand)

Participants will be provided with the foundation for protecting the largest organ on the body – the skin. The importance of managing skin integrity and the results of wounds if it is managed. Skin tears will be highlighted noting current epidemiology, management tools and dressings for treatment plans.

Pressure Injuries - The Latest Guidelines (click to expand)

Now we’ll provide an update to the latest pressure injury guidelines. My aged care and the national quality indicator program for wounds will be discussed. Finally the best practice treatment plans will be discussed.

Lower limb vascular assessment (click to expand)

We will look at the presentation, assessment and clinical management of ulcers. This includes treatment principles and evidenced based practice regarding the use of compression therapy. We will examine how to identify the types of ulcers and the difference in treatment plans. Compression bandaging will be demonstrated and a workshop will be provided for participants.

12:30 – 13:30 – Lunch break

13:30 – 16:00 Conference (2 hrs, 30 mins):

Dressings And Store Rooms (click to expand)

This session will facilitate the fundamentals of wound dressing selection. The evidence based best practice recommendations for dressings will be highlighted. Setting up medical store rooms for ease of choice will be described.

Monitoring, Measurement, Photography & Advancing Technologies (click to expand)

This session will focus on the importance of monitoring wounds, including measuring wounds and photography. Advancing technologies will be discussed.

At sea

15 February 2021 | Monday

09:00 – 12:00 Conference (3 hrs):

Niki Pumps - Medications / Line Management (click to expand)

This session will delve deep into the challenges that are encountered in clinical practice. We will review current best practice for medication delivery at end of life – what are the options to ensure people receive appropriate symptom management. We will also provide hands-on assistance for the use of Niki pumps.

Care At The End Of Life (click to expand)

This session will focus on what is essential care in palliative and end of life care. The value of planning for the future – how do we assist people to think ahead and plan for when things change. We will review current literature of the best way to change practice to promote the value of person-centred care and advance care planning.

Care Planning At End Of Life (click to expand)

We will review trends in the literature of how people navigate the choices that are available as they journey towards the end of their life or that of a loved one. We will focus on the importance of interdisciplinary care and collaboration.

Evening: Farewell group dinner for all guests and their travelling companions (subject to availability)


16 February 2021 | Tuesday

6:30am Arrive Sydney

We trust you have enjoyed this course and wish you a safe onward journey home.

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Considerations for Health Care Professionals

We’re proud to introduce Hayley Ryan, Associate Professor Geoff Sussman and Dr Katy Melrose as speakers in this conference. Their combined experience, passion and dedication to enhancing the learning experience of health care professionals is reflected in this educational and interactive 20-hour CPD event.



Hayley has over 18 years’ experience in nursing and has a passion for healing wounds as a Clinical Nurse Consultant across Australia and New Zealand in private practice with her own company WoundRescue. Hayley is a board director for Wounds Australia. Hayley has presented at national conferences and has a proven track record of providing advanced wound care and aged care education. Hayley also lectures at Universities and has recently been appointed as an adjunct fellow at the University of technology Sydney. She is also involved in research and is currently a site lead in a multi-centre RCT with LaTrobe University looking at the use of electrical stimulation in patients with ulcers. Hayley’s interest includes, aged care, chronic wound management, palliative care and Telehealth technologies whilst optimising comfort.



Associate Professor Geoff Sussman holds a position in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash University, and is the Associate Professor of Wound Care. He has been a faculty member at St Anne’s College Oxford University and the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Auckland University. Geoff lectures in Pharmacology, Sports Medicine and Wound Care. He has produced over 100 publications including 30 book chapters. He was awarded an OAM in 2006 for his work in research and education.

Melrose, Katy


Dr. Katy Melrose is a Geriatrician and completed her undergraduate training in Hobart and Post-graduate training in Melbourne. She has worked in Northern Health’s Chronic Wound services for 14 years, helping to evolve the interdisciplinary service to provide care in the outpatient, community and residential care settings, as well as improving links with vascular surgery and podiatry units. Katy also works in Private and Public, in-patient and out-patient settings, in fields of continence and general Geriatric Medicine.


Considerations for Health Care Professionals

Our conference venue:

Royal Caribbean International

Ovation of the Seas

Ovation in Sydney

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  • More than 7 bars including the Bionic Bar powered by Makr Shakr®, multiple lounges and entertainment venues

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Considerations for Health Care Professionals

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7 February 2021: The Ageing Patient

Royal Caribbean International
Ovation of the Seas

7 – 16 February 2021

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