17 November 2020: Modern Cardiac Care

Cruise Line: Carnival Australia

Ship: Carnival Splendor

Dates: 17 – 26 November 2020

Duration: 9 nights from Sydney

Destination: South Pacific

CPD Hours: 20

Suitable For: Nurses, Paramedics

Carnival’s newest ship to cruise from Australia – Carnival Splendor – is the venue for our 20-hour CPD conference ‘Modern Cardiac Care’, presented while you cruise to the beautiful South Pacific islands. This educational and interactive event combines the principles of cardiac pathophysiology with clinical care and is suitable for nurses, paramedics and allied health care professionals who manage cardiac patients.

Plus, you can bring your family or friends – guests who are not participating in the workshop only pay the cruise fare component.



Education sessions in Modern Cardiac Care include ECG analysis (including 12-lead ECGs and advanced ECGs), dysrhythmia recognition and treatment, managing patients with heart failure, CPAP, BIPAP, and arterial blood gas interpretation. The latest evidence-based principles for treating patients with acute coronary syndrome will also be covered. Discussions will include STEMI mimics along with atypical ACS. We’ll also discuss thrombolysis, with this procedure now carried out by many paramedics in the pre-hospital care environment.

For more information, please go to “Itinerary & CPD Sessions”.


Event Highlights

  • Nurses/Paramedics: Achieve up to 20 CPD hours
  • Certificate issued outlining sessions and total hours attended
  • 9-night cruise from Sydney to the South Pacific
  • Complimentary tote bag, lanyard, pen and notepad
  • Complimentary and exclusive cocktail party
  • Complimentary group photo and farewell dinner (subject to availability)


Carnival Australia
Carnival Splendor

9-Night Cruise & 20-hour CPD Conference

Visiting Isle of Pines, Lifou, Maré and Noumea

17 – 26 November 2020


17 November 2020 | Tuesday


Embarkation: Welcome Aboard!

Guest Welcome Reception and Conference Registration (click to expand)

Upon boarding the ship, meet your Cruise Seminars host and conference presenters at our Welcome Desk to register for the event. You’ll also receive a complimentary Cruise Seminars tote bag, lanyard, notepad and pen! Now settle in, explore the ship and enjoy our departure from Sydney as we set sail for the South Pacific islands.

16:00 Carnival Splendor departs Sydney

21:00 Casual meet ‘n’ mingle for all guests and their cruising companions

At sea

18 November 2020 | Wednesday

09:00 – 12:00 Conference (3 hours):

Cardiac Anatomy & Physiology (click to expand)

To commence Modern Cardiac Care, our first presentation will be an overview of cardiovascular anatomy and physiology. This knowledge will form the building blocks for our education experience as you sail to the beautiful South Pacific islands and enjoy being reminded of the amazing way our body systems interact and adapt to changing conditions.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00 Conference (2 hours):

Acute Coronary Syndrome (click to expand)

In this session we will look at the presentation, assessment and clinical management of patients with chest pain. This includes treatment principles and evidence-based practice regarding the use of oxygen with these patients. We’ll examine identification of an MI on the 12-lead ECG, and we will explore some common STEMI mimics and atypical presentations. Also included in this session will be discussions on thrombolysis, with this procedure now carried out by many paramedics in the pre-hospital care environment.

17:00: Exclusive cocktail reception, food and beverages provided with our compliments!

At sea

19 November 2020 | Thursday

09:00 – 12:00 Conference (3 hours):

Dysrhythmias and Advanced ECGs - Part 1 (click to expand)

This session begins with identification, assessment and management of common dysrhythmias such as AF, SVT, VT. Interpretation of heart blocks and current management will be included. Then begins our journey into some advanced ECG interpretation such as RBBB vs LBBB, MI in LBBB, axis determination, and hypertrophy.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00 Conference (2 hours):

Advanced ECGs - Part 2 (click to expand)

This afternoon we’ll plunge into more complicated challenges in ECG interpretation. We will examine the criteria for hemi-blocks and look at changes suggestive of pulmonary embolus and proximal left coronary artery occlusion.

Isle of Pines

20 November 2020 | Friday

Isle of Pines, New Caledonia - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 17:00 (click to expand)

The Isle of Pines is an island located in the South Pacific, in the archipelago of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France. The island lies south east of Grande Terre, New Caledonia’s main island, and south east of the capital Noumea. It is well known for its snorkelling and scuba diving in and around the lagoon. Many different species of tropical fish and corals can be seen in the transparent water.

21 November 2020 | Saturday

Lifou, New Caledonia - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 17:00 (click to expand)

Lifou Island is the largest and most populous island of the Loyalty Islands, located in the archipelago of New Caledonia. Visitors can enjoy a swim in the pristine waters, a hike to the nearby Notre Dame de Lourde church that offers spectacular views of the bay, or snorkelling in the Natural Aquarium – a bay teeming with tropical fish, located a short walk on the other side of the peninsula.


22 November  2020 | Sunday

Maré, New Caledonia - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 17:00 (click to expand)

The island of Maré is a commune in the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. Maré is a raised coral atoll and is 42km long and 16-33km wide. It lies north east of Grande Terre, New Caledonia’s mainland. The main village on Maré is Tadine, a peaceful little port village. Most cruise ship visitors take a day trip to nearby Yejele Beach for swimming and snorkelling.


23 November 2020 | Monday

Noumea, New Caledonia - Arrive 08:00 / Depart 17:00 (click to expand)

Noumea is the capital city of the French territory of New Caledonia and it is one of the largest ports in the South Pacific. It is situated on a peninsula in the south of New Caledonia’s main island, Grand Terre, and is home to the majority of the island’s European, Polynesian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese populations. The city lies on a protected deep-water harbour which serves as the chief port for New Caledonia.

At sea

24 November 2020 | Tuesday

09:00 – 12:00 Conference (3 hours):

Heart Failure (click to expand)

This session will consist of small-group interactive workshops with participants performing high-fidelity simulations on deteriorating patients. This will enable participants to have hands-on experience in the detection, assessment and treatment of deteriorating patients; a great opportunity to put into practice knowledge acquired from the previous two days.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

13:00 – 15:00 Conference (2 hours):

Devices in 2020 (click to expand)

During this session we will discuss clinical indications for cardiac pacing and explore pacemaker types and modes. Also examined will be device therapy in the post-arrest patient. Because this is such a dynamic field, we will talk about some newer innovations in relation to device therapy including the lead-less pacemaker and remote monitoring.

At sea

25 November 2020 | Wednesday

09:00 – 12:00 Conference (3 hours):

Case by Case and Conference Conclusion (click to expand)

This final session will draw together clinical aspects of care discussed throughout the program, using case presentation, and interactive scenario practice.

Self-Directed Learning (2 hours):

Completed during own time (click to expand)

Participants will be given activities for completion during the cruise, equivalent to 2 CPD hours.

Evening: Farewell group dinner for all guests and their travelling companions (subject to availability)


26 November 2020 | Thursday

06:30 Arrive Sydney

We trust you have enjoyed this conference and wish you a safe onward journey home.

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We’re proud to welcome back Liana Vandervelden from DIBS Education as lead presenter for our Modern Cardiac Care conference. This year we also introduce Shannan McClure as co-presenter. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this popular event, ensuring an educational and engaging experience for all participants.


Liana is a Nurse Educator for DIBS Education (“Don’t Ignore the BasicS”). Liana’s achievements include a Masters in Advanced Clinical Education (University of New England), College of Nursing certificates in Advanced Generalist Nursing and Coronary Care Nursing, and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. To complement her qualifications, Liana has extensive clinical experience in both cardiac care and emergency care. This includes 15 years’ experience as a Rapid Response (MET) coordinator which has given her a passion for early recognition of the deteriorating patient. Liana is an advocate for good communication which builds teamwork and respect at every level. Communication within a team environment enhances patient care in both acute scenarios and chronic long-standing care issues. Liana has extensive experience working in Australian rural centres such as Balranald, Dubbo, Coonabarabran and Baradine. She believes that patient assessment should be taught and practised more regularly, whether you are a clinician in a rural environment (often with no on-site doctor), or in a larger metropolitan facility.


Shannan is a registered nurse with 20 years’ experience and has a long-standing commitment and clinical passion for cardiology nursing. Her achievements include a Graduate Certificate in Cardiac Nursing (College of Nursing). She is ALS accredited (ACCCN) and has been a member of the Rapid Response team, providing basic and advanced life support in the hospital setting. Shannan has gained extensive clinical expertise and knowledge in the hospital settings of both the Public and Private sectors of healthcare, semi-rural and tertiary facilities with both acute and chronic management of cardiac patients. She is a respected senior clinician who is well regarded amongst her peers. Her current role allows Shannan to positively influence clinical practice, by caring for patients directly as well as mentoring students, new graduates and those new to cardiology. Shannan is committed to patient enablement and education, having spent time in the Cardiac Rehabilitation environment. Her nursing interests include patient safety through clinical skill and assisting fellow nurses to gain knowledge and empowerment through education.


Our conference venue:

Carnival Cruise Line Australia

Carnival Splendor

It’s hard to tell which onboard space best represents Carnival Splendor – they all seem to hint at the amazing time you’re going to have. The El Morocco Lounge hosts comedy shows, musical performances, karaoke and more. The Pinnacle Steakhouse can be found not only at the height of elegant dining, but at the actual apex of the ship. Carnival Splendor has pools all over the place, including the midship pool featuring a retractable roof that makes any day a pool day. If relaxation is more your thing, Serenity Adult- Only Retreat is more your place. Or if you’re looking to take relaxation to the extreme, direct your attention to the Cloud 9 Spa, featuring more ways to kick back than just about anywhere else, on land or at sea. Whatever your cruising style, Carnival Splendor has something for everyone!


  • Multiple dining options including The Carnival Deli, Bonsai Sushi, Nouveau Restaurant and more!

  • Many lounges, bars and live music venues such as the Piano Bar, Sports Bar, Punchliner Comedy Club and everyone’s favourite – the RedFrog Pub.

  • Additional onboard activities and venues include Serenity Adult Only Retreat, full-production stage shows, cooking demonstrations and Spa Carnival

  • A choice of pools and whirlpools

  • Staterooms feature twin beds that can covert to a queen bed, TV, private bathroom, wardrobe and writing desk.

*Some activities and dining options may incur an additional charge. Information correct at time of publishing. Please refer to the Carnival Cruise Line Australia website for additional information.


Maiden Voyage: 2007

Guest Capacity: 3,012

Decks: 14

Length: 290m / 952ft

Tonnage: 113,300 GT

Speed: 21 knots



In conjunction with our booking partners at Ecruising, we have selected a limited number of rooms on board the ship in various categories. Choose an interior room for the best value, an ocean-view room for panoramic vistas, or indulge in a balcony room and relax in your own private sitting area. Bring your family and friends! Guests who are not participating in the conference only pay the cruise fare component.


An Interior stateroom is the most affordable way to cruise, and Carnival Splendor’s interiors are not just cozy, but are full of things you’d expect from any Carnival stateroom: a full private bathroom, Carnival Comfort Collection linens and more. DISCLAIMER: Room images are for illustration purposes only. Actual room layout and design may vary.


1 passenger:   $1,234^ pp (Deck 1)

2 passengers: $ 692^ pp (Deck 1)

3 passengers: $ 684^ pp (Deck 6)

4 passengers: $ 618^ pp (Deck 1)

+ Course fee: $649^


Catch a glimpse of what’s going by from your Ocean View stateroom aboard Carnival Splendor, where you’ll get views you won’t find anywhere on land. Don’t miss sunrise and sunset at sea – your comfy stateroom is the best way to experience these! DISCLAIMER: Room images are for illustration purposes only. Actual room layout and design may vary.


1 passenger:   $1,468^ pp (Deck 1)

2 passengers: $ 809^ pp (Deck 1)

3 passengers: $ 711^ pp (Deck 1)

4 passengers: $ 673^ pp (Deck 1)

+ Course fee: $649^


Balcony staterooms were designed for maximum sea breeze and the most stunning views, so look to a balcony if you’re looking to cruise aboard Carnival Splendor. Any time you’re in your room, you’re just steps away from your own personal outdoor oasis, featuring the sort of sea view you can also feel. DISCLAIMER: Room images are for illustration purposes only. Actual room layout and design may vary.


1 passenger:   $1,878^ pp (Deck 6)

2 passengers: $1,014^ pp (Deck 6)

3 passengers: $ 902^ pp (Deck 6)

4 passengers: $ 818^ pp (Deck 6)

+ Course fee: $649^


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17 November 2020: Modern Cardiac Care

Carnival Australia – Carnival Splendor

17 – 26 November 2020

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