3 December 2019: The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Royal Caribbean International – Voyager of the Seas

3 – 12 December 2019

9-night cruise from Sydney to the South Pacific

Join your peers on board Royal Caribbean International ‘Voyager of the Seas’ for our Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019, presented as you cruise to the beautiful South Pacific islands.

This 20-hour CPD conference is proudly presented by Wendy White WoundCare and is suitable for all medical professionals who are responsible for caring for patients with acute or ongoing wound issues.

The presentations are conducted during the at-sea days of the cruise, allowing plenty of time to enjoy the cruise and ports-of-call.  Plus, you can bring your family or friends – guests who are not participating in the conference only pay the cruise fare component.


The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Advancing Practice in Woundcare


Injury prevention and wound-related knowledge and practice continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace. Regardless of our experience journey, meeting the unique needs of those in our care can be challenging. Wound-specific theory and skills acquisition opportunities can keep us up-to-date and guide best practice delivery.

This inaugural educational event (20 CPD hours) presented by Wendy White WoundCare, will examine emerging theories, perspectives and innovative technologies from around the globe, providing a unique experience to share, learn and grow together. Blended learning with hands-on workshops delivered in relaxed and friendly surrounds, make this an educational event not to be missed.

For more information on each session, please click the ‘ITINERARY & CPD SESSIONS’ button.

Cruise and Conference Features:

  • Achieve 20 CPD Hours
  • Certificate issued outlining total hours attended
  • 9-night cruise from Sydney to the South Pacific visiting 4 ports
  • Complimentary tote bag, lanyard, pen and notepad
  • Complimentary and exclusive cocktail party
  • Complimentary group photo and farewell dinner (subject to availability)
Wendy White
holding hands

The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Advancing Practice in Woundcare

Royal Caribbean International
Voyager of the Seas

9-Night Cruise & Conference

Visiting Noumea, Vila, Maré and Lifou


3 – 12 December 2019


3 December 2019 | Tuesday


Embarkation: Welcome Aboard!

Guest Welcome Reception and Conference Registration (click to expand)

Upon boarding the ship, meet your Cruise Seminars host and conference presenters at our Welcome Desk to register for the event. You’ll also receive a complimentary Cruise Seminars tote bag, lanyard, notepad and pen! Now settle in, explore the ship and enjoy our departure from Sydney as we set sail for the South Pacific islands.

16:30 Voyager of the Seas departs Sydney

21:00 Social meet ‘n’ mingle for all guests and their cruising companions

At sea

4 December 2019 | Wednesday

Conference – Morning Session (3 CPD Hours):

09:00 - 12:00 | 2020 Vision - Contemporary Principles of Wound Care Practice (click to expand)

This opening address and session will focus on past, present and future directions in skin integrity, wound prevention and management. Fundamental principals of individualised therapeutics, inclusive of a comprehensive and systematic approach, and best available evidence will be explored. Quality service delivery by knowledgeable, capable and caring healthcare professionals along with empowered person inclusive teams will be overviewed.

Heal-ability, current knowledge regarding transition to chronicity, and interventions to prevent and address the ‘roadblocks’ will be explored. Principles of practice that optimise the person’s response to injury, manages the region, wound (including non-viable tissue, local infection and biofilm) and skin will be examined.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

Conference – Afternoon Session (2 CPD Hours):

13:00 - 15:00 | Wound-Related Pain: Making It Matter (click to expand)

In this session, the most common reported symptom experienced by the wounded – pain, located in, around or away from the wound will be explored. We will examine our current understanding of nociceptive and neuropathic pain types, pain descriptors, severity, timing, frequency, triggers and relievers. Current understanding of the human and clinical impact of chronic pain will be reviewed. Pain assessment skills, diagnosis, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions and evaluation of outcomes will be discussed. We as healthcare professionals play an essential role in wound related pain (WRP) assessment and management, easing the suffering and improving the lived experiences for those in our care. “Pain is inevitable…. suffering is optional” (Buddhist Proverb)

Evening: Exclusive cocktail reception, food and beverages provided with our compliments!

At sea

5 December 2019 | Thursday

Conference – Morning Session (3 CPD Hours):

09:00 - 12:00 | Common Acute Wounds: What's The Latest? (click to expand)

Traumatic or surgical acute partial or full thickness wounds are common wounds managed in acute, sub-acute, primary, community and residential aged-care settings. This session will explore a wide range of injuries including minor burns, donor sites, blisters (friction injury), skin tears, pressure injury and incontinence-associated dermatitis. Contemporary understanding of risk populations, preventative strategies (if applicable), classification and management interventions will be examined. Expected clinical outcomes relating to healing timelines will be overviewed along with common complications and care challenges.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

Conference – Afternoon Session (2 CPD Hours):

13:00 - 15:00 | Assessment & Evaluation: Screening, Measuring And Monitoring For Everyday Practice (click to expand)

In this session, a wide variety of screening, measurement tools and devices will be examined that complement clinical bedside assessment. Nutritional and general risk assessment, along with recording of wound clinometrics and characteristics, utilise validated screening and risk assessment tools (RATs), traditional linear measurement, digital photography and new advancing technologies.

Baseline data and early identification of risk, contribute to timely and appropriate referral for comprehensive assessment, ordering of investigations (bloods, wound fluid and tissue culture/histology) by the interdisciplinary team, and ultimately a definitive diagnosis.

Concepts of practice including ‘intention to treat’ will be discussed relating to expected clinical outcomes (prevention, healing or symptom control) – considering clinical scenarios when further investigations are / are not indicated.


6 December 2019 | Friday

Noumea, New Caledonia - Arrive 07:00 / Depart 15:00 (click to expand)

Noumea is the capital city of the French territory of New Caledonia and it is one of the largest ports in the South Pacific. It is situated on a peninsula in the south of New Caledonia’s main island, Grand Terre, and is home to the majority of the island’s European, Polynesian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese populations. The city lies on a protected deep-water harbour which serves as the chief port for New Caledonia.

Port Vila

7 December 2019 | Saturday

Vila, Vanuatu - arrive 10:00 / depart 19:00 (click to expand)

Port Vila is the capital and largest city of Vanuatu, located on the island of Efate. Cruise passengers often enjoy visiting the local markets that sell a variety of goods such as fruit and vegetables. Day trips from Vila include the popular Cascade Waterfalls, Hideaway Island and the Ekasup Cultural Village. The currency used in Vanuatu is the Vatu (VUV) although Australian Dollars is often accepted.


8 December 2019 | Sunday

Maré, Loyalty Islands - arrive 08:00 / depart 17:00 (click to expand)

The island of Maré is a commune in the Loyalty Islands Province of New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. Maré is a raised coral atoll and is 42km long and 16-33km wide. It lies northeast of Grande Terre, New Caledonia’s mainland. The main village on Maré is Tadine, a peaceful little port village. Most cruise ship visitors take a day trip to nearby Yejele Beach for swimming and snorkelling.

9 December 2019 | Monday

Lifou, Loyalty Islands - arrive 08:00 / depart 16:00 (click to expand)

Lifou Island is the largest and most populous island of the Loyalty Islands, located in the archipelago of New Caledonia. Visitors can enjoy a swim in the pristine waters, a hike to the nearby Notre Dame de Lourde church that offers spectacular views of the bay, or snorkelling in the Natural Aquarium – a bay teeming with tropical fish, located a short walk on the other side of the peninsula.

At sea

10 December 2019 | Tuesday

Conference – Morning Session (3 CPD Hours):

09:00 - 12:00 | Leg & Foot Ulcerations: Below The Knee Is Difference (click to expand)

Lower limb wounds, whether traumatic, elective or idiopathic are uniquely influenced by the 3 vascular systems – arterial supply, venous return and lymphatic functionality along with chronic disease (ie diabetes, autoimmune, inflammatory) and atypical conditions including malignancy and medication induced pathologies.

Understanding the specific risk of wounds located below the knee requires focused assessment including detailed history, clinical examination and related investigations to identify early signs and symptoms of  contributing co-morbidities. Delayed healing – transition to chronicity is a common risk, and identification of lower limb ulcer pathology and ‘type’ will guide the most appropriate interventions and management plans.

Clinical practice guidelines provide a roadmap for clinicians from a variety of care settings to work with interdisciplinary team to consider further investigations and referral, confirm diagnosis and guide specific management interventions. This session will overview common and atypical pathology of lower limb, overview assessment responsibilities of the clinician and team and identify evidence-based intervention strategies – it takes a village.

12:00 – 13:00 | Lunch Break

Conference – Afternoon Session (2 CPD Hours):

13:00 - 15:00 | Lower Limb Oedema: Adressing A 'Not So Hidden' Foe (click to expand)

Oedema located in the lower limb can be caused by a wide variety of co-morbidities and chronic diseases. This session will overview oedema aetiology, and identify the long-term impact of chronic oedema leading to secondary lymphoedema, a treatable but incurable chronic condition. The role of compression options (bandaging, hosiery and sequential intermittent pneumatic compression – SIPC) and exercise will be discussed and workshopped guided by current consensus and clinical practice guideline recommendations.

At sea

11 December 2019 | Wednesday

Conference – Morning Session (3 CPD Hours):

09:00 - 12:00 | Learning From Case Studies: The Good, The Bad And The Unusual! (click to expand)

Continuing professional development specific to skin and wound management is required by all healthcare professionals who in their workplace, care for those at risk of, or live with acute or delayed healing wounds. Seeking to better understand and share positive, negative and unusual clinical scenarios is an important but underutilised learning opportunity. The inclusion of a consenting individual (or carers) voice and story ‘from their perspective’ can contribute to real life learning opportunities for individuals, teams and organisation. Throughout this conference cruise event, case scenarios will be discussed and this session will ensure participants are armed with the knowledge, structure & resources to assist in preparing case studies for future workplace learning, publication or poster presentation opportunities.

Self-Directed Learning (2 CPD Hours):

You will be provided with self-directed learning material which may be completed at any time during the cruise.

Evening: Farewell group dinner for all guests and their travelling companions (subject to availability)


12 December 2019 | Thursday

06:30 Arrive Sydney

We trust you have enjoyed this conference and wish you a safe onward journey home.

Disclaimer: All views expressed by presenters in any Cruise Seminar event are those of the presenters, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Cruise Seminars. The liability of Cruise Seminars is excluded where there are factual errors, misrepresentations or omissions in any presentation. Cruise itinerary, session times, presenters, and content are correct at time of publication and subject to change at any time due to circumstances outside the control of Cruise Seminars.

The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Advancing Practice in Woundcare

Our key presenters for this conference are dedicated and experienced clinicians, committed to life-long professional development in the speciality field of skin integrity, wound prevention and management. Their combined knowledge, focus on person-centred individualised care delivery by individuals and teams, and their shared passion for learning will ensure not only an interesting and interactive conference educational event, but one that aims specifically to advance contemporary practice for all participants. Additional speakers may be confirmed based on availability prior to the cruise.



Wendy is an Independent Wound Consultant, Educator, Director Wendy White WoundCare and founder of WOUNDEd offering face to face & online education. She is a regarded invited speaker both nationally and abroad and is a past and current invited expert working with international advisory groups including wound related pain minimisation (2005 – 2008), improving wellbeing when living with a wound (2010 – 2012) and promoting advocacy in wound management (2014 – current).

Her areas of wound related clinical interest, research or publication include skin tear prevention and management, minimising wound related pain (including low resource setting), differentiation of neuropathic pain, wellbeing when living with a wound, clinicians as advocates, advanced skills acquisition programs including wound debridement and policy development.

She is a recipient of a Wounds Australia Fellowship in recognition of her contribution to clinical practice, education, research and leadership in wound management throughout Australia, and the Asia Pacific region. Her vision is to positively influence the person’s lived experience, to optimise practice and clinical outcomes and refocus the emphasis of care provision of both clinicians and organisations – changing lives for those at risk of or living with wounds

Wendy White


Dr Anne Purcell has been authorised as a Nurse Practitioner specialising in wound management for almost 12 years. Anne has a special interest in holistic wound assessment, wound-related pain, biofilm, the diabetic foot and lower limb ischaemia. She completed her PhD at Griffith University, Gold Coast investigating topical anaesthesia and chronic leg ulcers.

COLEMAN_Kerrie (002)


Kerrie is a Nurse Practitioner in wound management and was instrumental in setting up the Skin Integrity Service at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. Kerrie has approximately 30 years’ experience in wound management and has worked primarily in tertiary hospitals in NSW and Qld. She manages an outpatient wound clinic, provides inpatient consultations and is a resource for the Metro North Health Service District and across Queensland. Kerrie has been a guest lecturer for various universities on wound care as well as providing continuing education programs for the Metro North Health District. Her area of expertise is the lower leg, and wounds such as GVHD and Calciphylaxis – she loves a challenge!

Hayley Ryan


Hayley has over 17 years’ experience in nursing and has worked in wound care over this time. She has a passion for healing wounds as a Clinical Nurse Consultant across Australia and New Zealand in private practice with her own company WoundRescue. Hayley is a Registered Nurse and has a wide range of postgraduate experience in wound management, while also completing a Masters of Business Admin (MBA) and is currently completing her Nurse Practitioner degree. Hayley also holds the position of board director for Wounds Australia. She has presented at national conferences and has a proven track record of providing advanced wound care education. Hayley is also involved in research and is currently working on a RCT looking at electrical stimulation for venous leg ulcers. Her interest includes, aged care, chronic wound management, palliative wounds and Telehealth technologies whilst optimising comfort for those living with a wound.

The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Advancing Practice in Woundcare

Our conference venue:

Royal Caribbean International

Voyager of the Seas

Stroll down the Royal Promenade, relax by one of the pools or experience a Broadway-style show. Featuring a dedicated conference room, various dining options and a choice of bars, lounges and clubs, the Voyager of the Seas is the ideal venue for our Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019.


  • Enjoy a complimentary, multi-course breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Sapphire Dining Room or Windjammer Café


  • Specialty dining options* including Giovanni’s Table, Chops Grill, Izumi and Johnny Rockets


  • Complimentary Broadway-style entertainment and jaw-dropping ice-skating shows


  • A choice of 15 bars, clubs and lounges


  • 3 pools and 6 whirlpools including the Solarium, an adults-only retreat


  • A fitness centre, rock-climbing wall, ice-skating rink, mini-golf course, basketball court, jogging track and FlowRider surf simulator


  • Staterooms include twin beds that can covert to a Royal King bed, a flat-screen TV, sitting area, private bathroom, wardrobe and writing desk.
*Some activities and dining options may incur an additional charge. Information correct at time of publishing. Please refer to the Royal Caribbean International website for additional information.


Maiden Voyage: 1999

Enhanced: 2014

Guest Capacity: 3,138

Decks: 15

Length: 311m / 1,021ft

Tonnage: 138,194 GT

The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference 2019

Advancing Practice in Woundcare

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3 December 2019: The Inaugural WOUNDEd Conference

Royal Caribbean International – Voyager of the Seas

3 – 12 December 2019

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